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AP Statistics is one of the most difficult AP tests. It does not only involve computing numbers on your calculator, but it also requires you to know how to analyze data. It might be a bit challenging to master the concepts of Statistics, but it is not impossible, especially with the help of a good review book.

A good review book should have a comprehensive discussion of formulas and concepts, full-length practice tests, and helpful tips that will help you go through the actual exam. While a lot of review books try to provide everything you need, we cannot deny that they all have a different set of advantages and disadvantages. That’s why it would be wise to invest in at least 2 or 3 books so that one can compensate for the downside of the other.

Among the many AP books available on the market today, these are the best ones you can get:

The Princeton Review’s Cracking the AP Statistics Exam, 2017 Edition

This one has all the essential parts of a review book, but it is popular for its in-depth discussion of important concepts that every Statistics student should know. It is often compared to a textbook because most of its pages are covered by formulas and sample problems that would help you understand the subject better. There are only two practice tests included in the book, so you might want to check other sources to get more practice. But, if what you need is a detailed discussion and analysis of statistical concepts, this review book is right for you.

Barron’s AP Statistics, 9th Edition

This one is quite the opposite of the Princeton Review Book. It still has all the essential parts of a review book, but what makes it popular are the numerous tests found within the pages. There is a diagnostic test that you can take before you make a detailed study schedule. The results of this test will tell you which topics you need to study on and which ones you are already good at. When you’re ready for some practice, there are five full-length practice tests you can choose from. If you have finished everything but don’t want to stop working, you can check out the online bonus test found on their website!

AP Statistics Crash Course

Studying statistics can be very complicated, but this book simplifies everything for you! This book goes straight to the important stuff- it discusses only the most important concepts you need to know and makes sure you understand them. It has a practice test that will acquaint you with the format and the flow of the exam. Despite the lack of in-depth examples and practice tests, it will surely prep you for the test – fast!

These three books are highly recommended by AP teachers and students who have already taken the exams. Any of these could be the best AP Statistics review book you are looking for. When coupled with the right amount of discipline, they can be very useful tools that will effectively prepare you for a difficult AP test.