Recommended Books

The $100 Startup

Think you need loads of cash to start a business? Think again.
With all the tools and resources available today and a little creativity, you can start right and hit the ground running.

This book definitely a must read of the up and coming entrepreneur.
We’ll save you the secrets so you can read through it yourself.

Purple Cow

Nowadays, it matters you don’t stick in, and not stick out too much. Purple Cow shows you how to find that perfect balance of not being too much of an outlier, yet still that touch of finesse to make unique.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is a book that started it all for many. Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you the foundation of money and how the wealthy create, keep, and accumulate the life they have.

If you don’t know the knowledge in this book, then you’re missing business and wealth success 101. Do yourself a favor, and pick this one up as soon as you can.